Announcing My Indie Game: QoobTris!




Well guys,  I am very happy to pubically announce an indie game that I have been working on for several months.  It is called QoobTris, pronounced “Cube – Tris”.  I have secretly been working on this game with a small team of 4 for several months now.  As you can see,  it is similar to tetris but in 3d and played on a cube.  

I have developed this game using C++ and DirectX.  Although the game engine was developed from scratch,  we are using some third party tools such as Flash for the game menus, FMOD for our sound engine, and tinyXML for configuration file parsing.  

QoobTris has come along way and is very close to being finished.  I wanted to go ahead and anounce it so that you can look forward to playing it!  I would like to thank the following people for their help and efforts in this game.

John Baumann, Andre Henderson, Josh Webb, Naomi Fogerty, and Jerome Hughes.

Below I have posted a video for you to get a glance at QoobTris as I have found that it is much easier to explain the gameplay by demonstrating rather than verbalizing it.  I hope you enjoy the demo and look forward to playing it when I release it.

I do plan on releasing the FULL source code for the engine.  For those of you wishing to learn how to integrate Flash with your game engine,  I am sure this the source code will prove itself useful.  The following are just a few of the features that the QoobTris engine supports.

  • Flash and C++ Integration
  • Custom HUD script language
  • Modular Game Engine
  • Program Logger
  • Animated Sprites
  • Texture Panning
  • Bitmap Fonts
  • More!

I will keep you posted as we wrap up development on QoobTris. 

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  1. Pil says:

    Darn .. it must be so difficult to do it…

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