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John Edwards For President????

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

Hello everyone. This is my first post on my blog here. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Today, presidential candidate John Edwards, stopped by my university, Georgia SouthWestern State University, to lavish our professors and left wing worshipers with his weak diatribe against our current administration. He was preaching the conventional left-wing yadda yadda. However I thought his ideology was very flimsy and weak at best.

He spoke about how he wants to raise minimum wage to $9 an hour. I have heard that the argument for this is because most minimum wage workers simply can not afford a home. Therefore we should raise the minimum wage. In addition, the poor will have access to free financial counselors to advise them how to save their money. After all, all Americans are entitled to living in a home and having a personal financial adviser.

Furthermore, he continued saying that we should have free college and books for “qualified” students. Hey, I am currently working on my master’s degree. Since I am already in debt with federal student loans, naturally I have a predilection towards the concept of free college! After all, all Americans are entitled to getting a free college education… books included.

Edwards spoke about a universal health care system. He spoke in regards to several cases when a universal health care system would have been more propitious for citizen’s who had health problems but couldn’t afford surgery or medications. After all, all Americans are entitled to free “state of the art” health care.

He spoke in regards to other various issues as well, however overall I heard a reoccurring theme.

“American’s are entitled to the government issuing out happiness to all her citizens.”

Now ingresses a famous quote from our Declaration of Independence, July 4th, 1776.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and thepursuit of Happiness.

Americans are not entitled to happiness but rather the right to pursue it!

Furthermore, Americans are not entitled to having a house. If you get a good education, earn enough money, and are blessed enough to afford a house, great! However none of us are entitled to it. Moreover, raising the minimum wage is just a temporary fix with potential calamitous results. First, where will this extra capital come from? Will we inflate our currency? If not, then simple supply and demand will show that over time as more people have more money to spend, the demand for products will go up. That means prices will eventually go up as well to make an economic equilibrium. What kind of gallimaufry of nonsense is this about some poorer citizen’s being entitled to a financial adviser? Granted, some people start out living in poverty which is a shame. However should Americans have to pay for personal financial advisers for those who have trouble handling money? Now, Mr.Edwards made it a point to condemn the wealthy and said that he would pay for various issues that he spoke about by demolishing the tax breaks for the rich. Did you know that John Edwards lives in a 28,200 square foot home? The appraisal of his home is around $6 million dollars. Maybe I am an irrational guy, but 6 million dollars is a lot of money to me. Why doesn’t he sell say…. $4 million of his home and invest that capital into his plans to help the poor?

Free college sounds great to me. Although my university’s tuition is relatively inexpensive in the grand scheme of universities in general, my school’s tuition is still rather expensive! Even if school tuition in addition to books were around $2,500, that is still very expensive. Not to mention all “qualified” students would be entitled to this funding. I was galled by the way he dodged any minutia upon how he planned to pay for this. That money has to come from somewhere. Oh where will it come from? Out of yours and my own pocket. Its called higher taxes!

Universal health care? Another great method to RAISE taxes! As a Christian, I am all for helping other people out. However I don’t think that it is the government’s job to tamper with health-care in general. There are many Christian organizations who are very charitable. The government could set up an aggregation where donations could be accounted for and used for those who truly need the extra financial support. Moreover, what if I get a better rate with my current health-care provider? Will I be forced to pay taxes for a service that I won’t even use?

Listen up, I like to eat McDonald’s at least once per week. That is part of what I consider my personal “happiness”. Therefore I feel that all Americans are entitled to having the government make sure that citizen’s get to eat at McDonald’s once per week. In addition, who could live without a Nintendo WII game console! Not to mention games! Don’t you know that all American’s are entitled to a Nintendo WII game console… games included.

Please understand those last couple of statements where rather facetious. However my point is where do we drawn the line as to what Americans are entitled to. Everyone has a different take on what it means to be “happy”. The founding fathers knew that and didn’t attempt to try and provide personal happiness to everyone. Instead, our constitution was founded to give us the framework so that we could pursuit it. I am not “happy” paying much higher tax rates. Therefore why can’t John Edwards make sure I get my “happiness” by not forcing me to pay any? “Happiness” is relative. Furthermore it is not the job of the government to scratch our backs and make us feel warm and cozy at night. The job of the government is to protect our country and execute justice for those who break our laws.

Finally John Edwards ended his speech with a personal unfair diatribe against Washington as most left-wing crazies often do. In general he said that he knew everyone at our university was upset with Washington and its current administration. However that is not entirely true and it is also a bad argument because he can’t prove at this moment that he could do any better! Moreover to my understanding, I assume he shot himself in the foot because John Edwards happens to be a Senator who represents the great state of North Carolina. Doesn’t that make him apart of Washington too? Not only that, we implicitly sang the same old left-wing song about how bad the war in Iraq is and how it is the current administration’s fault. Well for my Liberal/Democratic friends out there who would like to blame the war in Iraq on us Conservative/Republican guys, we don’t deserve all the credit! Democrats, please ingress and take your fair share of the credit for the war in Iraq! Check the following video clip out!

Now John Edwards completely dodged broaching the topic of abortion. He failed to mention that he voted NO to the ban on partial birth abortion. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this procedure, for the skinny on sucking brains out 101 check out

For more detail check out,

Now I found it amusing that John Edwards consummated his speech by saying he wants to live in a moral and just country. How is brutally sucking the brains out of an innocent life… moral and just? Maybe I am a dumb guy but I just don’t get it.

John Edwards has also said “One of the things we ought to be thinking about is some level of mandatory service to our country, so that everybody in America — not just the poor kids who get sent to war — are serving this country.” Now I could be wrong but I don’t think John Edwards has ever served in the military. However if he became president, would he also enforce that on his own son, Jack?

Maybe John Edwards was hoping for an audience of glamor filled robots who would clap at his every sentence. Not me…. GOD gave me a brain so that I could swim through all the quixotic philistine political ninny hammers out there.

I understand that I have been rather pejorative about John Edwards speech. However he did make a few good points. In regards to gun control, he said he would support the right of Americans to bear arms but at the same time, Americans don’t need to have AK-47′s for hunting. I don’t believe most Americans carry around AK-47′s however I think to an extent he is right about that.

So in conclusion, I will definitely not be voting for John Edwards or supporting his candidacy.
Terse and pithy huh?

Thanks for checking out my first blog. If I made any errors, please inform me. I am not perfect and will occasionally mess up. However when responding, please do not try and lambaste me with acrimonious or vitriolic remarks. Lets be grown ups and converse in a civilized manner.

Thanks in advance!

Kindest Regards,
Brandon Fogerty

May GOD Bless, Strengthen, Guide, Protect, and Reveal Wisdom to you!!!!!